Frequently Asked Questions

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CCS Pressure

Proper Depth Control

Row Set-up

Does a planter affect my germination rate?

Knockout wheel installation

How to install nozzle inserts?

Why am i missing a nozzle insert?

What speed should i be planting at?

How do i put my fertilizer down?

Should i adjust spacing based on variety?

What can i expect for yield?

Why should i start using the RRV Disk?

What was the motivation for developing the Disk?

Difference between RRV and other Disks

How to install the mini hopper screen?

Do Your Disks Work With E-sets?

What CCS pressure should I use on my CCS planter?

It’s up to you, you want to set it just so you can hear seed entering the mini-hoppers.  2 to 4 PSI on the CCS tank is typically enough.

I have static causing seed to stick to areas of the disk other than the cells. What should I do?

We recommend you spray the disks with spray-on graphite.  This solves the static issue.

What vacuum level should I use?

This, like most vacuum planters, depends on seed size.  The smaller the seed, the less vacuum.  We recommend 2-4 inches.  If you’re getting double seeds in each cell on the disk, lower your vacuum.  If you’re getting empty cells, raise your vacuum.  3 inches works quite well for most seed sizes.

How fast should I go?

This is up to you as well.  We recommend no more than 5 MPH.  As with most planters, the slower the better.

How do I set my monitor?

If you’re using Seedstar or Seedstar 2/XP you can manually input how many cells your disk has.  If you wish though you can choose the “high rate sorghum” disk from the list as it is a 90 cell disk.

What population should I plant?

This is up to you.  The formula we use is as follows: lbs/acre converted to grams divided by seed weight times 1000.

Example: Target 3 lbs/acre with 5 gram per 1000 seed weight;  3 lbs/acre = 1361 grams/acre divided by 5 grams per 1000 seeds = 272.2 times 1000 = a population of 272,200 seeds/acre.

Why are some seed holes plugged when removing my disks from the machine?

Sometimes the knockout wheel doesn’t get every little piece of debris on every rotation.  Sometimes there’s just debris stuck to the hole from whatever was left in the box when the disk was removed and hadn’t been rotated by the knockout wheel yet.

Why do I have seed leaking from the bottom of my seed meter?

The hub in your meter housing is set too loose.  You need to add tension between the disk and the meter housing to stop the small canola seeds from leaking out.  We recommend seed no smaller than 4 grams per 1000 seed count.  The larger seed you can get, the better.

Why isn’t my monitor giving an accurate population count?

The sensors cannot detect the small seeds fast enough.  While the seed tube inserts can make the eyes see enough seeds to not trigger an alarm, they will not give an accurate population readout.  We recommend to treat your sensors more as a blockage monitor, not a population monitor.

Why is my monitor always giving alarms saying a row is not planting when it actually is?

You need a seed tube insert from John Deere (Part number AA46912 for curved seed tubes or AA46911 for straight seed tubes) which directs the really small canola seeds past the sensor eye.