How Did RRV Canola Disk Begin?

As farmers and we like to tinker and discover solutions to known problems. We were never satisfied with the seeding process for Canola and had heard of a system being used for Sugar Beet planting. Inspired by that design, we set out to create a product that would increase our yields while decreasing costs. After months of prototypes and manufacturing trials we’ve finally discovered the most efficient way to plant Canola.  The RRV Canola Disk.

About The Owners

Kerry Cadieux

Kerry has taken over the family farm and is an innovative thinker in the farming industry looking for the next best thing to maximize efficiency while keeping the farm practical and simple. Kerry lives in a country home near Letellier with his wife Brittany and kids.

Jeff Calder

Jeff has been farming within his family farm his whole life, recently investing in his own land and equipment. He brings both technological and practical experience to the farm, always tinkering to make things better and more efficient. Jeff has a house in Letellier, MB with his wife Luda and kids.